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ICO Deals presents the best initial coin offerings (ICOs) for investors. We want more informed investment decisions, therefore we provide quality information. We present the ICOs in short and in full length with the help of the light- and white papers.

ICO Deals is a source of information and we provide background information about ICOs. What is the business model? Is there a hard or soft cap? Are there country specific or legal restrictions? What are the plans for positioning the product or service? We of course also inform about the offering price of the token and the base currency of the ICO. As a registered user you can rate ICOs and write comments or discuss with other users.

The unique selling point of ICO Deals is it’s affiliate program. Registered ICO Deals users can recommend an ICO and earn a performance-based commission. For more information scroll down to affiliate program.

What Is An ICO?

ICO is the abbreviation for initial coin offering. ICOs are a means of crowdfunding and a source of capital for companies, which are centered around virtual currencies.

During an ICO a company offers investors a new crypto-token in exchange for cryptocurrencies or fiat money. Investors buy the new coin because they hope that the price will rise in the future. Utility Token do not provide ownership of an asset or project, instead they are a means of payment for a product or service. If the project is successful and the demand for the token rises, the price will also increase.
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Affiliate program

This means, that a registered ICO Deals user, who participates in an ICO, can share a unique referral link with his friends, family, colleagues etc. .If new participants for the ICO can be generated, a commission will be payed to the person who shared the link. In order to receive the commission the recipients of the link must participate in the ICO. Users at all levels can profit. For a better understanding of the affiliate program take a look at the diagram: For more information go to:

What’s the difference between ICO Deals and other ICO platforms?

ICO deals does not only provide quality information on different initial coin offerings, through the affiliate program you can also earn money.


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