Code of Talent

2018-06-09 - 2018-09-19
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Code of Talent

Education represents the core of humankind’s potential. Although we generally recognise its massive importance, four major problems are present in today’s educational market landscape:

Billions of people do not have access to good teachers;
Classroom learning is mostly theoretical and boring, not adapted to modern distracted learners and millennials;
Despite the fact that internet provides free learning opportunities in abundance, people are not motivated to learn;
Education does not solve the disconnect between theory and skills.

E-learning industry is failing to deliver results due to the lack of key factors such as effective engagement, personalisation of content and lack of human interaction.

Code of Talent creates a micro-revolution in the Education landscape. It empowers educators to boost learner’s motivation during classroom or as a follow-up, allowing anyone on the planet to join, contribute and learn. We have capitalised on our 20 years’ experience in the training field to create a game changer, with blockchain technology at the heart.

Code of Talent is the world’s first blockchain powered micro-learning platform, designed to ignite people’s motivation to learn by:
1. Earning rewards as they learn
2. 10 min of daily learning sessions
3. Direct teacher interaction within groups of maximum 40 participants

The platform will use the Ethereum’s smart contract to incentivise contributors with tokens, based on a community validated merit-based rewarding system. Learners, anywhere in the world, will be rewarded for their progress and achievements while educators will receive tokens based on the quality, interactivity and engagement of their micro-learning content.

Code of Talent also builds a sustainable ecosystem and token economy by integrating premium content providers, employers, advertisers and sponsors. We want to raise 33M USD by offering 330M Code of Talent tokens (CODE). The funds will be used for:

Full development of the platform and its features into the blockchain;
Marketing & communication to ensure the adoption on the global market;
Creation of Code of Talent Global Alliance (educators on-boarding & coaching program to generate high engagement levels for micro-learning sessions);
Content development (guidelines, tutorials, examples, trainings and much more) to kick-start the community generated content;
Development of strategic partnerships with employers, sponsors, advertisers, education
and training companies, NGOs and more;
Covering operational expenses needed to support the product;
Continuous security and data protection.



  • 2016-06

    Initial vision of CoT as a digital B2B micro-learning platform.

  • 2017-06

    CoT B2B micro-learning platform Alpha release.

  • 2017-11

    CoT B2B micro-learning platform Beta release.

  • 2017-12

    Conceptualization of an open block-chain version of the CoT B2B platform.

  • 2018-02

    1M E European Union Funds accessed for training projects using CoT B2B platform.

  • 2018-03

    Development started for the CoT Block-Chain platform on Ethereum block-chain.

  • 2018-05

    CoT B2B featured at ATD event in San Diego, California USA.

  • 2018-06

    Opening of the Russian office for CoT B2B. Opening of the US office for the CoT B2B.

  • 2018-07

    Token Generation Event starting 9th of July 2018.

  • 2018-08

    Opening of the India office for the CoT B2B. Opening of the Africa office for the CoT B2B. Opening of the Latin America office for the CoT B2B.

  • 2018-11

    Prototype block-chain version for the CoT Block-Chain micro-learning platform.

  • 2019-01

    First version for the CoT Block-Chain micro-learning platform.

  • 2020-01

    Full fledged Version 1 for the CoT Block-Chain micro-learning platform.

  • 2020-04

    300,000 learners. 2,000 active educators. 2,000 micro-learning courses.

  • 2020-10

    CoT Block-Chain platform Version 2 development started.

  • 2020-12

    500,000 learners. 5,000 active educators. 10,000 micro-learning courses. 500 employers, advertisers and sponsors.


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