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Why is your company going to succeed?

Philippe Bednarek and Jean-Michel Alfieri founded the Atlas Group of Companies (AGC) in 1994. AGC is a private equity firm investing in businesses at different stages of their growth: seed capital, venture and development capital. From the very beginning, AGC has funded numerous successful start-ups using seed capital to cover R&D, capital and operational expenditure until reaching profitability. Many of these ventures have gone on to become multi-million dollar companies.
Benefiting from its experienced, international team and its deep understanding of global financial trends and practices, AGC has enthusiastically embraced the Blockchain revolution and is today a proud player in cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The entrepreneurial mindset and creative innovation approach have perfectly positioned GoldFinX as a future leader in the crypto sphere. 

Where did your team members meet originally?

The GoldFinX team has been put together from various past and present AGC ventures, in addition to long time advisors within the Crypto and Finance world. The proven track record of all team members in their selected fields generates the right mix of skill level to carry out the objectives of GoldFinX.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Risk 1: GoldFinX looks to resolve a social issue using Fintech and crypto solutions. We fully realize that there may be some pushback from traditional players in this industry as the usual objective is making money, not being altruistic. Protecting the environment is at the root of the GoldFinX project. We only focus on existing gold mines by helping them to employ socially conscious and sustainable mining methods that reduce the negative impact on the surrounding ecological system.
But drastically improving the lifestyle of miners and their families through GoldFinX is not charity. It is an extremely good business model that not only rewards the risk taken by initial coin holders, but also benefits gold miners while positively impacting rural communities both socially and environmentally.
Risk 2: GoldFinX is subjected to the typical regulatory changes that may occur within the crypto sphere in the coming months and years. We are taking all the precautions necessary to minimize any potential issues that may occur by being proactive with our preventive measures by foreseeing these issues in advance, as well as relying on the team’s decades worth of experience in fast changing industries.
Risk 3: Even with a successful and established company like AGC, there is always a risk when merging social responsibility and new financing methods within a nascent world like cryptocurrency. We feel very strongly that this is a perfect way of capital raising for an industry that is seldom given such opportunities.



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