2019-01-15 - 2019-03-15
Industry: Health, Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data





  • 2015

    Identifying the information exchange trust and security issues in healthcare. Working on theories of combining information exchange with blockchain. Acquiring seed capital of 500K from founders.

  • 2016

    Technology and healthcare research. Building partnerships with medical institutions. Beta testing of the core technologies. Identifying stakeholders in the industry.

  • 2017

    Testing Beta Version (not public). Selecting the core team. Developing the “go to market strategy”. Establishing referral network. Assessing technology readiness for scaled blockchain.

  • 2018-01

    Private Pre-sale (Limited Round). Final testing and selection of possible usable blockchain protocols and technologies.

  • 2018-04

    Whitepaper finalization. Whitelisting. Developing Proof of Concept with selected encryption features and local storage.

  • 2018-07

    Implementation and testing of decentralized storage and key exchange. Scalability tests with selected partners and in selected countries. Beta release of mobile app for users and doctors.

  • 2018-10

    Presale. Crowdsale. Expansion and level 2 scalability testing. Decentralized storage implementation. Extended testing of core functions and security.

  • 2019

    Payment module with tokens. Physician Identity Module. Release of mobile App for secured communication. Opening of the platform for third party developers. Full Platform functionality. Expansion to RUS and GUS. Expansion to US market and Latin America Establishing new partnerships with national and international health insurance companies - private and public ones.

  • 2020

    Establishing partnerships with hospitals using our Platform. Expanding to Middle East. Expanding to Africa. Establishing cooperation with Universities

  • 2021

    Establishing cooperations with Clinical research and trials. Expanding to China. Further Asia expansion.


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