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More than 2.5 billion people on Earth use social networks every day and post a variety of content. However, only a small percentage of them are able to monetize it with annoying advertising.

To solve this problem, the Monoreto team offers a platform that helps all users earn from using it. Every like will bring the creator of the photo or video liked at least 5 cents in Monoreto tokens.

This idea is very simple. Yet, many people still don't believe that such platforms have viable models. That is because they don't understand why they should give money with likes.

A lot of mechanisms to motivate giving likes and spend tokens are the main innovation of Monoreto:

- when you put likes you also promote your own account in the newsfeed (along with accounts that receive many likes)

- if you put many likes you can get a part of Monoreto's weekly profit

- if you can transfer tokens with a "like" it is much easier to raise funds for businesses. Monoreto is a Kickstarter with zero transaction costs. When you see a great project and tap like button you can get some benefits from it (i.e. being among the first who get the product, visiting this project events as VIP or whatever else)

- same goes with charity. People do want to help each other. But if it is not too much time-consuming and difficult. In Monoreto one like can help people and even save a life

- by liking photos, you participate in forecast competitions. Like photos with a certain hashtag or from a certain category, and if they get the majority of votes (likes) you win and get prizes

- Monoreto makes it possible to hold online quizzes just like in HQ Trivia. The main distinction, in Monoreto there is no need for ads. So, a winner's pot in Monoreto online quizzes can be made from small users' contributions (1-5 cents or more)

In this way, Monoreto goes further than existing platforms with monetization of likes. The team creates a social network that will make the process of transferring funds as easy and profitable as possible. That is why the number of Monoreto's use cases is limited only by our imagination.



  • 2017-04

    Research needs of market. Research of platform launch on the international market. Creation of draft platform design.

  • 2017-07

    Development of marketing innovation mechanism inside platform Monoreto. Resolving questions of technical realization of the platform and its scaling.

  • 2017-10

    Preparation to blockchain technology use in project. The beginning of work on Whitepaper. Engagement of consultants. Project introduction to potential users. Development of ITO campaign for raising funds. Overview of technological solutions of the platform and its positioning. Development of media plan and marketing research.

  • 2018-01

    Beginning of marketing campaigns on tokens sale. Organization of Monoreto’s community. Presentation of project and integration into mass media.

  • 2018-04

    Presentation of functional core of platform. Start of fund raising to bring product to world market. Presentation of project to holders of tokens at international level. Completing distribution of tokens. Beta-version of product.

  • 2018-10

    Monoreto Investment. Launching escrow system. Smart contracts within the platform.

  • 2019-01

    Unlock 20% of tokens for first users from platform development fund. Designing effective smart feed tools to promote users. Developing mobile application. Translation to additional languages.


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