2018-08-01 - 2019-02-28
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PRIMARY is a system build to connect the blockhain with the real world. The system engages cooperation, participation and knowledge transfer in the digital industry and links the value digitally created to real world usage. The network consists of three major components a decentralized blockchain platform with a powerful reward mechanism built to engage collaboration between its members the partner alliance, offering physical and digital goods and services a token system which links the digitally created value to the real world economy.



  • 2018-10

    Initial mobile and web application design. Opening of first Blockchain Hub in Berlin.

  • 2018-12

    Finish platform smart contracts. Beta application release. >60 operating locations.

  • 2019-01

    Opening of three further Blockchain Hubs (London, Moscow, New York).

  • 2019-02

    Finishing application testing.

  • 2019-04

    Application registration.

  • 2019-04

    Live application release.

  • 2019-06

    First rewards release. Goal: >500 global partners (shops, hotels, restaurants) accept payment.

  • 2019-08

    Future roadmap community voting.

  • 2019-12

    Rollout complete: token payment accepted at all locations.


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