2018-02-19 - 2018-05-21
Industry: Entertainment

Softcap: 0
Hardcap: 13,000,000,000


Virtual Reality unleashed the next level of Adult Entertainment
While virtual-reality pornography may feel like something out of a science fiction movie, it already has a formidable, if underground, presence. According to website Pornhub, views of VR porn are up 275 percent since it debuted in the summer of 2017. Now the site is averaging about 1,500,000 views (on Christmas Day in 2017, this number shot up to 1,900,000.)

User generated adult VR content
vrXcity's VR composing tool software allows you to become a scene director of high-quality adult VR content. You can chose your favorite VR actors from an extensive pool of international adult film stars or even join the private VR model pool and become an active part of your own VR fantasy. The final product of your work as a director is a sensual VR experience that your can enjoy privately at home with your VR headset. If you are open to share your fantasies with other vrXcity citizens you can publish your individual VR production on the vrXcity platform. Of course, you can charge people who also want to enjoy your VR masterpiece - just like a real adult film producer would do. The currency for this kind of digital transaction is redBUX.

Distributed P2P payment with ad-hoc revenue split
The vrXcity platform manages the interests of various financial stakeholders. The creator of an adult VR experience, the VR models who virtually act inside that experience, the owner of a virtual scenery and of course the VR consumer - all of them want to reliably receive and send payments from and to other platform members. The digital asset related smart contract structure of vrXcity and its associated crypto currency redBUX automatically handles all revenue splits and makes sure that all stakeholders of a VR experience receive their contract based redBUX share.

Serious adult partys at privately owned virtual spaces
Each sensual fantasy is connected to a certain mood or scenery. Hence, choosing the right setting for an adult VR experience is an important success factor for VR directors while working with the VR composing tool. But also in the context of VR adult partys finding the right environmental setting for individual desires leverages the full potential of the overall experience. Therefore, virtual apartments, houses and other spaces are a valuable digital good that can be purchased, designed, developed and traded as a part of vrXcity. Citizens of vrXcity can buy virtual real estate like real land. Also it is possible to sell or rent virtual real estate to other citizens. The VR composing tool allows citizens to individualize their property. The better the mood and the scenery, the better the overall adult VR experience.

International adult stars stepping into the virtual realm
vrXcity holds the most extensive pool of digital VR models, based on real adult film stars, who have been 3D scanned. Despite adult film stars, every private person has the opportunity to visit one of vrXcity's physical scanning stations an become a part of the most exciting adult VR experience available on the market.


Tobias Platte - CEO
Sebastian Malm - Lead Product Manager
Matthias Müller - Lead Administration & Mocap
Quinten Dessauvage - Game Programmer
Steve Orenstein - Advisor
Peter Bergstrom - Advisor
Till von Ahnen - Advisor
Peter Reuschel - Advisor


2014: me.mento 3D manufacture founded. Started scanning & production.
2015: Continuous construction of the 3D scan database.
2016: US Online Shop Founded. First conception and planning for the VR experience.
2017: Hiring first employees for VR experience, start conception and prototyping.
2018: Launch alpha version with early access. Closed beta launched. Open Beta coming soon.
2019: Purchase of digital goods, hardware and partner services with redBUX, multi-user VR experiences on vrXcity platform, personal avatars built from 3D scans, multi-user data platforms.
2020: iSex Interactive hardware MVP. User generated private videos.



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