2018-09-25 - 2018-12-23
Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Infrastructure, Manufacturing



A combination of patent-pending technology, AI- generated recipes and machine-learning robots have given birth to the next generation of building materials. XMaterials aim to disrupt the construction industry, introducing revolutionary replacements for traditional building materials (concrete, granite, marble, and ceramics combine to a US$600 billion industry).

XMaterials features a unique line of products, although a franchise model will be put in place to share the patent- pending AI-generated recipes, strategy, and technology to interested parties who desire to handle production themselves. A 25% discount on the initial franchise license fee will be granted to those franchisees who pay for the franchise license using Tokens.

It is our intention that certain distributions will be made to the Token holders by XMaterials Holdings twice a year and will be allocated to each Token holder according to the number of Tokens then held by such holder as against the total number of Tokens in circulation. It is anticipated that such distributions will, in the aggregate, equate to at least 15% of the net distributable profits generated and received by XMaterials Holdings (and being lawfully available for distribution) in the 6-month period immediately prior to such distribution.


The Distributions will be made by XMaterials Holdings via an airdrop of Ether (ETH), being the native currency of the Ethereum platform, to the wallet addresses of the Token holders which have been provided to XMaterials by such Token holders. No Distributions (or part thereof) will be paid or payable to nay Token holder which has not yet completed the Company’s and XMaterials Holdings’ AML and KYC policies and procedures to their satisfaction. The Distributions will be calculated by XMaterials Holdings in its sole and absolute discretion.



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